Benjamin Suydam


I am hear to (Spread The Inner Love)

The best way to photograph anything is standing barefoot as your chakras align and ground you to the mud squishing between your toes. Benjamin Bear is a Michigan Native, a Great Lakes lover and forever connected to nature. Ben gained his interest in photography his senior year of high school; upon first picking up a camera in his class he was hooked and proceeded to photograph EVERYTHING. From freelance, to seniors, to babies, to engagements, to weddings, he has done it all. In his experience he learned to love and deeply value this incredible light capturing tool. Finding himself currently rooted in working in fine art / healing-art photography, he creates images that are intended to captivate interest and tell meaningful stories. Ben’s target audience includes alternative thinkers, and people that are endlessly searching for a greater sense of community in this chaotic space called Planet Earth.